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….wanna get all my bridesmaids together one weekend and play dress up.


I wonder if I could get everyone together…or just my locals…. Which is most of them. 🙂



Did I already post this one?


A few links… would love some feedback on the dresses….. Choose the color “Lapis” if it’s not already that color…..


I just happen to be on the David’s Bridal website…some of the styles I really like seem to be on sale, and “going out of style.” But that’s usually my MO. Always a notch or two behind what’s fashionable. 🙂

Definitely excited that between winter and summer, the color scheme I am itching for can be found. NOW…can it be found in bridal stores…and for CHEAP?


I don’t want people to block me on facebook because I can’t get over my excitement about being MARRIED to Andy!!!!!!! But I am SOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!


Like this dress